About Dreamflock

Main idea of DreamFlock was to see if and how much people dream similar things.

It all started as a simple question “Do people dream similar things or have similar emotions of dreams before major events in their area?”.

Example of this would be do people dream similar things before terrorist attack in their area.

We also want to see how many people had astral projection in same time, does moon impacts lucid dreaming, and answer other questions about dreams.

With time we want to implement data analysis on data we collect on dreams and create tools to help you understand your dreams, how they fit in to global picture and what your dreams are tryin to tell you.

We hope You will join us in answering those questions and help us create global dream database.

We are always looking for an extra hand to keep the poject going. We are looking for scientist, dreamers, explores, sceptics. If you think you can help write us at:

[email protected]

Or join us at https://www.reddit.com/r/DreamFlock/, ask a qustion, give criticism, suggestions...